About Us

John L. Parks: Owner

John has been in the Decorative Hardware industry for over 30 years. It is a passion 

that will become apparent as soon as you meet him. He enjoys fixing problems and working on projects that challenge his knowledge. John loves to spend time outdoors, eating steamed Maryland Blue Crabs, and most of all spending time with his family.


Emery Cornatzer: Sales 

Emery is in his 50th year in the Decorative Hardware Industry. It is very hard to find anyone who knows more about hardware than Emery, he can recognize a product a mile away! He loves to spend time at his mountain house and with his family. He is also very passionate about working on projects, which leads to stuff like dragging a door up and down his driveway to make it look distressed.


tammy small.jpg
Tammy Parks: Co-Owner and Chief of Everything In Between

I am new to the Decorative Hardware Industry, and I'm very excited to see the business grow and fill a much needed void in the Triad Area. I realized this was John's passion while on vacation, he could tell her what every hinge and door handle was including the style number. I recently joined the team full time and I'm looking forward to adding my creative spin to the business. I am in charge of the website, social media, and helpin keep all the details organized.


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